Job 6 (March 14)


            “Does the wild donkey bray when it has grass….”

            Every human being wants to be happy. One looks for happiness one way, and another searches for it in a different way.

            According to Dr. Larry Crabb, all human beings have three types of desires.

          Casual Desires

            These are the desires of the flesh. They are materialistic and physical and are tied to our need for food, clothing, resting, entertainment, etc.

          Critical Desires

            These are the desires of the soul. As human being we like to relate with others. Good friendships can bring us great satisfaction. Fellowship between Christians is very valid to satisfy these desires.

          Crucial Desires

            These are the desires of our spirit. It is extremely important, as its name indicates. You can satisfy your casual (flesh), and critical (soul) desires, but if the desires of the spirit are not satisfied, you will never be happy.

            How can you be happy in the spirit?

            In the first place, it is necessary for you to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior and to love Him with all your heart. Secondly, you must walk with him, and seek him every day with devotion. This will make us very happy, although it will not be total happiness. Total happiness, and the fulfillment of all our desires, will only be obtained when we see Christ face to face in his heavenly realm.

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