Esther 9, 10      (March 8)


            “…no one could withstand them”

            In the 1980s, Hollywood began to multiply its production of violent movies and action heroes.   Super-heroes like “Superman,” “Spiderman,” and “Batman” already existed in previous years, but now they began to make full-length films about this action figures, I mean super heroes.

            Next appeared “Rambo” and “Rocky” (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone), the famous “Terminator” (Arnold Swarchzenegger), and “Dirty Harry” (Clint Eastwood). Each one of these characters and others, are practically invincible. No one, absolutely no one, can defeat them. (It would be interesting to see them fight each other. Would it be a tie?)

            Coming back to reality, we see in this chapter how the Jews in the time of Esther were invincible. Their invincibility is even more astounding if we realize that they were people of flesh and bone like you and me. They did not fly and they did not practice karate.

            How was it possible, that they being the minority, were able to be victorious, and no one was able to defeat them? 

            The reason is very simple: God was with them. Even though the name of God is not mentioned in the book of Esther, his powerful hand was felt in all the details and “coincidences” found throughout the whole book.

            No one can resist a Christian that is filled with the Holy Spirit. They may kill, incarcerate or intimidate him, but they can never defeat him.

            No one can prevail against us, as long as God is on our side and Jesus has promised to be always with us—think about that!

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