Nehemiah 10 (February 25)

                                                Guardians of the Future

             “We will not give our daughters…”

            “Good afternoon, Madam!”

            “Good afternoon!  What can I do for you?”  A Christian woman answered politely.

            “My name is Satan, even though some call me the devil. I have come to destroy your children.  May I come in?

            “Of course you may!”  The sister in Christ agreed.

            This is just a story, because if the devil were to operate in this fashion, openly, he would be rejected by a great majority of Christians.  But he disguises himself as an angel of light and presents sin as something good and pleasant.

            The Christian youth is a special treasure for God. They are the future leaders in the Lord’s congregation.  For this reason, they need the guidance and support of all of us. The parents, pastors, youth ministers, and each mature Christian should watch over the Christian youth in our congregations.

            The devil is destroying our youth (including Christians), by means of drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, venereal diseases, violence, rebellion, bad company, infernal music, apathy and lack of biblical knowledge.

            Parents work long hours; pastors visit the sick in the hospitals and prepare sermons to preach at their churches, and Christians participate in many activities and committees.  Very few are the ones that take the time to pray and watch over the Christian children and youth.  These are the ones that the devil hates the most; these are the guardians of the future.  Would you like to be one of them?

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