Nehemiah 9 (February 24)

                                                     Broken Wings

            “To all of them you give life…”

            Have you felt discouraged and despaired, at any time in your life?

            Have you ever been in a dark prison of despair and depression?

            Discouragement is one of the most powerful tools employed by Satan, our adversary.  If he can discourage a Christian, his battle has been won.

            What Satan does to Christians, can be compared with a parakeets salesperson.  They cut the wings of these beautiful little birds so they cannot fly away. “Cutting the wings of faith” of Christians, especially those who want to serve the Lord, is the devil’s business.

            What can we do to prevent becoming discouraged?

            Some think that the answer is to think positive, but this avenue does not take you far.  The answer is in crying out to God with all our might.  He is the only one that can give life to a discouraged spirit.

            Do not place your life in the hands of the evil one. Do not listen to his “advice” for that will lead you to discouragement.  Think “biblically” which is more positive than any positive thought and philosophy of this world.

            God wants us to have life in abundance.  If we submit to Him, He can guide us and fill us with delight and peace, even in the midst of the most terrible storm.  But you and I must cry out with all your heart. 

            God tells us:

           “Call to me and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). 

            He will restore your broken wings, so you can fly and be triumphant like an eagle. 

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