Nehemiah 11 (February 26)

                                                                    The Spark

             “…the leader to begin the thanksgiving…”

             Mattaniah, a descendant of Asaph the Psalmist, was the main singer in the days of Nehemiah. His job or function, was to begin the worship of God. He was the worship leader of the congregation of Israel.

            If Mattaniah were alive today and if he were a Christian; perhaps many churches would want to “hire” him as music director for their congregation. He would be the most sought out music minister and he would probably end up working in a mega church.

            A good music director is someone that God uses with power, to “help us” begin the worship. Such a man, filled with Holy Spirit, will be used by God to help us enter through the doors of praise. Many times we arrive at church so cold and apathetic, that we resemble the engine of a car in a cold winter day.   As the worship leader leads the rest of us in songs of praise and adoration, our spirits begin to soar like eagles over our darkened and troubled skies.

            God provides brothers and sisters with a holy “spark” in each congregation to help motivate the worship.  But even more important is the Holy Spirit, which stimulates the worship within the heart.

            Always remember that the leader begins the worship service, but it is up to us to continue in a spirit of devotion and prayerful adoration, not only during the rest of the service, but throughout the week as well.

            If you are sad at this moment, stop and worship and Lord.  Your sorrows will melt under the glow and the glory of our precious Jesus. As we worship the Lord, we shall gaze into the beauty of his holiness and forget about our temporary problems.

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