Nehemiah 4 (February 19)

                                                     Tough Prayers

            “Do not cover their guilt…”

            Jesus R. Perez, my former pastor, told me on one occasion:

            “My brother, I will forgive any offense done against my person, I will not even give it a second thought. But if someone tries to destroy the work of God, then I will be truly annoyed and have a very hard time forgiving!”

            The same thing happened to Nehemiah. He only wanted to reconstruct the wall of Jerusalem, but his pagan neighbors opposed him. They ridiculed him and attacked him directly.   It was at that moment that Nehemiah begged the Lord to punish his enemies. Did Nehemiah do the right thing by asking this? 

            The Bible does not say that God reprimanded him.  On the contrary, God supported him until the wall was finished.

            This leads us to think that God will not forgive all of our enemies. In other words, only a handful of those who laugh at the work of God will repent and seek God.

            We must follow God’s guidance at all times and situations, especially when we need to know how we should pray for our enemies.

            Maybe he will lead you to pray for their salvation.  Maybe he will guide you to pray entrusting them in his hands, or maybe you can pray like Nehemiah did, asking the Lord to punish them for their blasphemy and attempts against the work of Christ.

            Remember to do what God shows you through his Word, and do not rely upon your human emotions.  Do not let the devil or your flesh betray you.  Look for God, listen to his voice, and pray as he guides you and shows you the way. 

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