Nehemiah 5 (February 20)


            “After thinking it over…”

            Meditation is an art not practiced very often by Christians.  Even though it is a biblical concept used in adoration to God and for personal growth; very few are those who truthfully know what meditation is.

            Let us not confuse biblical and Christian meditation with transcendental meditation or yoga, so popular in our days. This last one comes from mystic religions from the Orient (India).  In our western culture, Yoga has been introduced through martial art movies; through the new age movement and also in the field of science (medicine). Yoga is also very popular form of “exercise” and many yoga studios have sprouted throughout the world.

            Transcendental meditation leads the individual to leave his mind  blank.  Once this is achieved, they are suggested to “visualize” scenes of peaceful places. A “guiding spirit” visits them (one which is nothing more than a demon) and leads the person to a “higher sphere in the astral level” (whatever that means!)

            Fools are those who are betrayed by this lie.

            Nehemiah practiced biblical meditation as an internal reflection; an examination towards the light of the word of God. The people that meditate this way do not leave their minds blank, they place their mind and body in Christ.

            Practice reading the Bible.  A biblical devotional like the one you are reading right now is also a good source for meditation. Do not stop there, take a couple of minutes to reflect in silence or to listen to Christian praises, as you meditate in what God has done in your life; what he has said to you and in His love.

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