Ezra 8 (February 13)

                                                      Caring Hands

            “…the hand of God was upon us,”

            The hand of God is strong and powerful. In his hands, the believer has eternal security and constant protection. The hands of God are full of miracles that have no equal and the power of those holy hands is invincible. The Egyptian magicians recognized the unsurpassable ability and authority of God’s hands when there were no longer able to replicate the miracles performed by the hands of Moses. They exclaimed terrified:

             “This is the finger of God.” (Exodus 8:19)

            The hands of Jesus Christ, created man form the dust of the ground. With infinite love and supreme expertise, he created us according to his image and likeness.  The entire universe including the planets, the animals, the plants, and all the “host of the heavens” were created by the Word of God. 

             Only the human race was created by the hands of God.

            Years later, those same hands — now incarnated— were nailed on a roman cross. Those loving hands were extended from side to side, like a demonstration of his immense love for humanity.  Those beautiful hands protect us, just like they guarded Ezra in his path.

            Brother or sister, if you are depressed, unhappy, discouraged, look to the heavens and you will “see” the hands of God over you; then you will sing this old hymn with joy and gratitude:

            “Oh Jesus, your hands, I saw in a vision                                                                               

            and I poured my tears for your sad condition

            I saw you dying, there in Calvary

            To forgive my sins and to save me.”

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