Ezra 7 (February 12)

                                                Prepared to Teach

            “…For Ezra had set his heart to…”

            How can a Christian become a teacher of the Bible?

            Studying and preparing yourself in a good biblical seminary is not exactly the answer. Even though seminaries and universities do provide very useful teaching material, they do not always produce pastors and teachers.

            A teacher is someone that prepares his heart prior to educating his mind. Ezra prepared his heart before he was consumed with the diligent study of the Word of God. He prayed before reading or writing and we should do the same.

            Ezra did not stop there. He studied the Bible, not only to learn what he had to do, but he obeyed it. In other words, he applied what he studied. He read the Word; he applied the Word to his life and he loved it so much, that he taught it to others.

What a stark contrast this is in comparison with the attitude of some Christians in reference to the Bible! Many want to be teachers without preparing their hearts. Others read the Bible only on Sundays. Only a few ever apply what they read in the Sacred Scriptures.

            Ezra was not satisfied with being a man that would always put in practice what he read. He prepared himself to learn and to teach.

            Do you want to be a Bible teacher?

  1. – Prepare your heart
  2. – Read and study the Bible (In your home, at church or seminary)
  3. – Practice what you learn and….
  4. – Teach the Word of God
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