2 Chronicles 35 (February 4)

                                                                  Liberal Christians

            “His officials contributed willingly (liberally)…”

            Being liberal or generous is a good virtue and should be desired by each child of God. In Romans 12:8, the apostle Paul enumerates the gifts of the Spirit and what we are supposed to do with them. He declares that he who gives, (should do so) with liberality” (explanation added).

            A liberal Christian, in the good sense of the word— is someone who pleases God and men by his generosity.

            But unfortunately the word “liberal” has acquired a very negative connotation throughout the years.  The political liberals, for example, campaign for individual “rights” and ignore traditional and ethical principles.  These are the same people who support a woman’s “privilege” or right to perform an abortion, and favor of euthanasia, pornography, humanism and many other aberrations of true liberalism.

            We also have that which is called “liberal theology.”  Liberal theologians have invented the strangest doctrines imaginable.  For example, some ignore the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Word of God.  Others deny the reality of miracles, the virgin birth of Christ and the infallibility of the Bible.  Seeing that liberalism has such a bad reputation, would any Christian be interested in being known as a liberal believer?

            Listen closely for a moment.  True liberalism is generosity, selflessness and freedom.  Show your liberalism in your way of giving, loving and serving.

            The problem with us Christians is that we are very conservative in that in which we should exert great liberalism and vice versa.  Don’t be afraid of being a liberal Christian… by opening your heart and your pocket.

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