2 Chronicles 34 (February 3)

                                                                    The Best Age

            “… he began to seek…he began to purge…”

            The story of King Josiah is admirable.  His life was dedicated to God’s service from a very early age.  His example should stimulate us to keep seeking after God, no matter how old we might be.

            He was crowned as king at the tender age of eight.  When he was a teen, he began to seek and serve God.  Later on, when he reached adulthood, he began the very ambitious project of cleansing Judah from idolatry; repairing the temple; and reviving the nation with the recently found book of the Law.

            What is the best age to serve God?

            Some may say that it is during our childhood, because we are innocent and more prone to believe. Childhood is a time of discovery and pure delight in the simple things. It is also a time of expanding curiosity, as children seek and relish in the wonders of God.

            Others argue that our youth is the best time to serve God. When we are young, we still retain a great deal of a child’s imagination and we are at the peak of our strength and vigor. Many pastors and missionaries began to serve the Lord at this age.

            Still others will shout that the experience of adults is indispensable for an effective ministry. While a child-like faith is irreplaceable and the strength and enthusiasm of our youth may be a great asset; nothing compares with maturity and experience.

            The best age to serve God is the age you and I have today.  Some say that “there is no age to fall in love,” but I say that every person can seek after God at any age.  While there is life, there are opportunities to know more about God and serve Him.

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