2 Chronicles 31 (January 31)

                                                             Reviving the Revival

            “Now when all this was finished…”

            When a revival is manifested in a church, there is joy in heaven and rejoicing among the brethren in the church.  But a revival and spiritual victories are just the beginning of a new phase of battles and victories in Christ Jesus.

            Why do revivals last so little time in our congregations?

            Why are so many Christians cold and apathetic?

            I believe that part of the blame, resides in complacency.  Many think that a revival is the end, but that’s just not true.  It is good to rejoice and praise God, and celebrate his goodness in a church service.  But revival is more than singing:  It is a close communion with God that affects every area of our lives.

            How can we make sure that the revival continues in our lives and in our congregations for a long time?

            A revived Christian lives for Jesus every single day from Sunday to Saturday; and then again on Sunday… and on and on.  Revival is seen in our conduct in and out of the sanctuary.  Revival is to keep re-living for God today, not replaying yesterday’s victories.

            Hezekiah and his people continued in the spirit of revival for a long time.  They continued destroying the idols; offering meaningful sacrifices; cleansing their lives and seeking God with all their hearts.  In other words, they “revived” the revival.

            This is a good pattern for us to follow today. Let us destroy all of our idols; offer the sacrifice of praise and a holy life and let us continue to seek and serve God today and forever.

            Are you revived today?

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