2 Chronicles 21 (January 21)

                                                                       The Undesirables

            “He departed with no one’s regret”

            King Jehoram was a man despised by God and man.  His wickedness was so dark and extensive in Judea, that when he died, very few tears were shed for him and only a few mourned the passing of a king.

            As far as his conduct and his attitude towards God are concerned, he was a wicked king and an idolater.  He murdered his brothers, built high places and encouraged idolatry in Judah. He did not walk in the righteous ways of his father Jehoshaphat, but followed the iniquity and sin of the wicked king Ahab from the Northern Kingdom.

            The people also despised Jehoram, and rightfully so!  Because of him Judah was invaded and looted.  The nation was hurt by plagues.  All of this because of Jehoram was a perverse man.

            Few tears were shed for him.  Sad, don’t you think?  His attitude and evil heart made him undesirable.  He came to be as a prostitute or adulterous woman, who is cast aside forever by her husband.

            Being undesirable can be a good experience or a bad one.  If we are unwanted because of our attitude or conduct then it would be something very unpleasant.  On the other hand, if being a Christian and living according to God’s Word, results in us being cast aside; then this is not unpleasant or painful, but rather a blessed experience in the Lord.

            Remember that you can’t please everybody, and that is preferable to please God and be used by Him, than to please the world.  If your attitude and testimony is not good, then change and become a more desirable person.  If you are cast aside for Christ, and because of your obedience to Him, then God bless you! You’re in good company!

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