2 Chronicles 16 (January 16)

                 As Asa Sinned

            “Then Asa took…from the treasures.”

            King Asa made two big mistakes, or should I say…committed two horrible sins.  First he became an ally of the king of Syria, who was his enemy.  Secondly, he handed over to this king all the treasures of the house of the Lord found in the temple. This treasure was irreplaceable and extremely valuable, not only because it was made of silver and gold, but also and most importantly, because it belonged to God.

            No Christian in their right mind would ask the devil for help in fighting against the devil’s forces.  Nevertheless that is exactly what Asa did when he asked Ben-Hadad for help in defeating the king of Israel.

            In the same manner, no child of God that is walking with the Lord would turn over their treasures—as Asa did—to their enemy, which in our case is the devil.

            The life of every believer is a treasure for God.  Salvation in Christ Jesus is an eternal treasure.  Our gifts, virtues and God-given talents are a precious treasure.  The Holy Spirit that lives in us, and the fruit he provides, is also a priceless treasure.

            Every time we sin, we make an alliance with this world and we hand over our most valued treasures to the enemy.  If these treasures were ours, then maybe the problem wouldn’t be so grievous, but these treasures we possess are God’s gifts to us, therefore when we hand them over we are committing an awful sin. Giving our treasures away is a theft of the first order, because we are giving to others that which doesn’t belong to us.

            How long will we be handing over, or wasting the treasures God has given us?  How long will we be like Asa and mock God?

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