2 Chronicles 15 (January 15)

                                                            Poisonous Discouragement                                

            “When Asa heard these words…he took courage.”

            Discouragement is one of the most powerful weapons the devil uses against believers. Cleverly he gets us to look at the unfavorable circumstances and great limitations we have.  He also proudly shows us how quickly we can fall into sin and how much sin and sinners prosper all around us.

            And that’s not all!  We fall victims of sadness and depression when we find apathy, carnality, arguments, or immorality among  members and even leaders in our churches. It’s no wonder that we get discouraged!

            What would the antidote be against this poisonous discouragement?  The only medicine it can be cured with is a large dose of the Word of God.  The Word cleanses us, strengthens us, and encourages us to be strong and move forward.

            Forget about those who preach and proclaim “positive thinking.”  Do not take hold of the “Name it…claim it” doctrine.  The encouragements that may be received from these teachings are empty and temporary.

            Find your encouragement in the Bible as you’ve done up to now.  We cannot grow spiritually if we are not fed spiritually with the Word.  Our faith shall wilt, as a does a flower, if it is not soaked in the “waters” of eternal life in Christ Jesus, which is the message of the glorious gospel.

            When the devil offers you some discouragement, remind him of the verses you have memorized. And if you have never memorized Scripture before, begin today and you will see that if your heart is full of the Word of God…there will be no discouragement.

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