2 Chronicles 14 (January 14)

                                                                      The Best Spoils

            “…carried away a great quantity of plunder”

            Yesterday we talked about the Romans, their wars, their armor, and their military power.  Afterwards we looked at spiritual warfare, and the attacks of the devil against the children of God.  Lastly we saw the importance of clothing ourselves with the armor God.

            I would like to talk about war once again.  Yesterday we spoke about the attacks of the enemy.  Today, I want to turn the tables: I want to take the time to talk about our attack against the forces of evil.

            When we resist the devil, we use “the armor” and trust that God will watch our backs.  On the other hand, when we attack the devil and his kingdom of darkness, we use fasting, prayer and the Word of God.

            In battles, the winner gets the spoils.  He conquers cities, captures his enemies and he strips him of all his possessions.  It makes no difference if the battle was fair or unfair, the case is, that “to the victor goes the spoils.”

            We as Christians have a large spoil or prize waiting for us. In Christ, we shall receive crowns of victory and glory for our faithful service, but first, we need to fight against the devil, and defeat him in Christ.

            Every soul saved from the flames of Hell is a trophy in Christ Jesus.  Every strong marriage is a triumph in Christ.  Every young person who no longer uses drugs, or is no longer a gang member is a great testimony for the Lord; and every person that dedicates his life to Christ is a victory in Christ Jesus.

            Will you go out today in search of spoils for Christ?

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