2 Chronicles 13 (January 13)

                                                                           Bare Backs

            “…and the ambush was behind them…”

            In the wars of long ago Roman soldiers were known for their military mastery and organization.  In just a few years they had conquered most of the world, resulting in what was known as the Roman Empire.  The Roman soldiers were well protected by an armor similar to that which is mentioned in the epistle to the Ephesians.  This armor protected their heads, their chest and abdomen.  They also depended on a large shield in which they could hide behind during battles.

            But their backs were uncovered.  How many soldiers must have died having being attacked from behind?  This is why they always needed to be on the lookout in the midst of a battle.

             Christians must use the armor in order to firmly resist in the name of Jesus.  The attacks will come from all sides and at all times, but with Christ’s help we can win.  The armor is a powerful gift, which God has given to the believer.  Now, who will defend us if we are attacked, or betrayed by surprise?  Who will protect our bare backs?

            The answer is simple, yet precious.  God is the one who will watch out for our bare backs.  He has commanded us to walk forward with Him, without looking back.  Peter looked back and Jesus said, “What is it to you?  You follow me.” (John 21:22)

            God watches our back in case we are attacked by the invisible enemy.  Let us follow Jesus with courage clothed with the armor of faith and trusting that our backs are well protected by the power of God.

            Remember: God always covers your back.

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