2 Chronicles 2 (January 2)

                                                                         The Greatest

            “For our God is greater than (all) other gods…”

            Today’s world is very similar to the way the world was in biblical times.  Although we enjoy many technological and scientific advances nowadays, man is just as sinful (if not more) as he was thousands of years ago.  Humanity continues worshipping false gods, idols, “saints” and demons.  Idolatrous mankind worships money, actors, and famous athletes.  Many follow corrupt politicians and false ideologies. There is even a growing number that worships the devil openly and directly.

            Only a few worship the one true God. 

            That one, true God, is the God that made us and the only God in whom we believe.  There is not, nor will there ever be, another one like Him! All others are false deities and the product of man’s imagination.

            He reigns forever and ever.  His love and power have no end.  All the other “gods” are fake, don’t exist or are temporary and powerless.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that our God is real and that in Him we can trust?

            If you feel lonely, or abandoned, let me bring some words of comfort into your life.  Our God is the source of our contentment and joy; and without Him life has no meaning or purpose at all.

            His love for us was greater than the multitude of our sins and acts of rebellion.

            His grace and compassion have become a shield around us; and his forgiveness and provisions are greater than the sum of all of our needs.

            Isn’t our God the greatest?

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