2 Chronicles 3 (January 3)

                                                                       High Five

            “…on Mount Moriah”

            Mount Moriah is an important place in the Bible.  This mount is known for the countless sacrifices offered on it throughout the years.  We see how time after time, God meets with man at this place.  Four times the Bible mentions sacrifices offered on Mount Moriah, and there could be yet another.

            The first time we hear about Mt. Moriah is in the story of Abraham.  It was there, where he took his only son Isaac to be sacrificed as he was told by God.  There God provided a ram as a substitute for Isaac, symbolizing that one day the one and only ultimate SUBSTITUTE; the Lamb of God, would come to die in that place…in our place.

            The second time that we read about Moriah, we see David offering a sacrifice on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.  David sinned when he ordered a census of Israel; and the Lord began to destroy Jerusalem.  David brought that land from Ornan and offered a sacrifice to the Lord for his sin.

            On that same piece of land, David’s son, Solomon later on built the marvelous temple of the Lord.  In that temple many sacrifices were offered daily.

            A place close to Mt. Moriah was the scene of the greatest sacrifice ever.  In a hill called Calvary near Jerusalem, Jesus was sacrificed for our sins.

            There is yet one more sacrifice on Moriah.  Mount Moriah is also a symbol of our spiritual sacrifices to our God; it is the place where we offer our hearts to God as a living and holy sacrifices.  The altar is ready.

            Who will bring his heart to the Lord today?

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