1 Chronicles 28 (December 30)

                                                                         He Knows Better

            I had planned…But God said to me…”

            Someone has said that, “Man proposes but God disposes” or something like that.  In simpler terms, this means that we can draft great plans, but only God can fulfill them, if and only those plans are in accordance with his sovereign will.

            What are your plans or “resolutions” for this New Year that is upon us?

            It is a good thing to have dreams, goals, plans and a purpose in this life; otherwise we would be like a runner with no finish line, or an archer without a target. As someone has said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

            There is one thing you must keep always in mind:  your goals may be good and even holy; but if they are not part of God’s will for your life, they will not come to fruition.

            Nevertheless, do not be discouraged and continue to dream and seek God’s direction.  He is our Lord and thus he has the right to fulfill, alter, change, expand or reject our best plans.  Our God does not owe us any explanation when he acts contrary to our wishes; even though we would like to know the reasons for his displeasure or disapproval…sometimes.

            Is God evil, because he does not grant all of our petitions?  Is he cruel because he changes our plans?  In no way!  Our God is good and his ways are higher and better than ours.  He is our Good Shepherd and we are his sheep—let us listen to his voice and obey his commands…even when we think we know what is good for us, because our God always knows better.

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