“Kiss of Death”

            Europeans are different from Americans in many respects. They eat differently, dress differently and greet differently. While many Americans wave or shake hands, Europeans (England not included) are more into hugs and kisses.

            The Italians, for example, are very effusive and passionate when they greet. Even the members of the Mafia (a very small percentage of Italians) are notorious for their affection; at least from what I have watched in the movies.

            One of their kisses, however, is neither affectionate nor friendly. I am referring to the infamous “Kiss of Death” given to those that have been marked for execution by the Mafia.

            This should be called the “Judas Kiss,” for it was Judas the one that betrayed Jesus with a kiss. His evil display of “affection” led to Jesus’ capture and eventual death (Luke 22:47, 48).

            Judas’ kiss will forever remain an example of hypocrisy, wickedness and betrayal. There are far too many Judas-like relationships in the world, and we find them at work, at school, at home and even at church.

            There is yet another kiss of death that is even deadlier and more destructive, than the Mafia and Judas’ kiss combined. It is the infernal and diabolical kiss of temptation.

            Temptation is an evil mistress that comes to visit us so much and so often, that she seems to be part of our family. This mistress is beautiful in appearance and often comes disguised “as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

            There is no woman more attractive than Temptation. She looks, gorgeous and inviting and before we know it, we fall under her spell. Behind her winsome smile there is an ugly and unclean spirit. Do not kiss her pretty lips, unless you want to be ripped apart by her fangs. Keep also in mind that she never travels alone. Temptation is always accompanied by a ruthless lion (1 Peter 5:8) and by death (James 1:14, 15).

            Do not open the door to this deadly woman (Revelation 17). Don’t even look in her direction (Matthew 5:27-29). Remember that Temptation (beautiful as she might be), never has good intentions for us and there have never been good results when we follow her. If you hold her hand, she will drag you to her father’s house and there you will find only sin and death.

             Alexander Gonzalez

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