1 Kings 19 (November 6)

                                                             Even Grandmas

         “It is enough; now O Lord, take away my life…”

                “Grandma, can I go to the river, can you please let me go, huh?”

            The ever-spoiling grandmother replied, “Yes dear, you can go, but be very careful!”

            The grandson kissed his grandma and dashed out the door in route to the river—his favorite place in the world.  When he arrived there, he was greeted by a group of his closest friends who had already been swimming or fishing.  “What a great day!”  He thought to himself.

            On that particular day, however, the river was overflowing because of the recent rains.  The boy and his friends went into the river, but never came out—the powerful currents drowned them all.

            A year later…

            “Grandma, can I go the riv…”

            “Nooo!” was the answer of the frantic old lady to her youngest (surviving) grandson.

            Sometimes God does not answer our prayers, no matter how much we plead with Him.  Elijah, for example, wanted to die but God wanted him alive a little bit longer. Some of us have desired (and even prayed) to die.  Thanks be to God because he doesn’t answer every prayer!  The Lord knows the future and his “negative” answers are for our good. 

             Even God and spoiling grandmothers, must say NO from time to time.

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