1 Kings 16 (November 3)


          “Since I exalted you out of the dust…” 

                All the men and women who have trusted in Jesus as their Savior have been raised (literally) from the dust. We were delivered, as the psalmist says:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
                 Out of the miry clay,
                 And set my feet upon a rock,”

            The “dust” indicates in the first place, our origin.  We are earthly beings created by God who formed us out of the earth’s dust.

            Dust is likewise a synonym for dirt, which in turn indicates a state of uncleanliness.  Our souls were covered with the “dust of sin,” until Jesus came and swept away all of our iniquities and transgressions.

            But dust also represents the confusion and doubt, which sometimes cloud our minds.  The Holy Spirit can clear our minds and hearts with the Word of God and fill them with light, hope and complete trust in the Lord.

            Finally, we can see that dust shows our negligence and indifference towards the “things of God.”  A dusty Bible is a sign of a “dusty” life.

            If you are like me, the Lord has most assuredly lifted you up from more than one “dust.”  Knowing this, our hearts rejoice in the hope that the ONE who create us out of the dust of the earth is more than able to lift us up from every other dust.

            “Are you a dust-free Christian?”

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