1 Kings 2 (October 20)

                                                           Two Highways

            “I am about to go the way of all the earth.”

            When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, their sin of disobedience and rebellion contaminated the entire human race.  As sin entered into the human race, Adam and Eve were responsible for the building—perhaps unknowingly—of a “highway of evil” in which all of humanity would walk one day.

            This wide and “easy” highway leads to death.  Every boy or girl that has ever been born on this world has received two “gifts” from our first fathers; gifts that we didn’t need or desire.

            We have inherited Adam’s sin.

            We have been placed in the highway of death.

            Every human being, with the exception of Enoch, Elijah and those who will be part of the “Rapture” of the church, has walked or will walk in this terrible and fatal boulevard.

            At least Adam and Eve were able to choose sin and death as their destiny.  We don’t have that choice, because sin is in our own flesh and death is our unwanted “inheritance.”  Even men like Abraham, Moses and the great David, were not able to avoid death.

            But we can choose to believe and follow SOMEONE who has conquered death and hell.  Although all of us will die one day (unless the Rapture comes before), we shall not die eternally because in Christ we have been placed on a new highway—the highway to heaven.

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