1 Kings 3 (October 21)

                                                 What do you want?

            “Ask what I should give you.”

            Solomon was truly a blessed man.  He was the son of Israel’s greatest king, and he himself became king after David’s death.  Solomon received an established kingdom and had peace all the days of his life.

            One day, at the beginning of his reign, Solomon received the greatest blessing of them all:  God appeared to him in his dreams and was ready to grant him one wish—any wish.  This was infinitely better than the story of the legendary Aladdin and his “magical” lamp.

            From the following list, choose what thing(s) you would like to receive from God,

—- Love


—- Faith

—- Joy in every situation

—- Patience (be careful with this one!)

—- Spiritual Growth

—- Good Health and financial independence

—- Knowing God and the Scriptures

—- Freedom from sin

—- A good marriage/children

—- To always do God’s will

—- Other_________________

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