2 Samuel 19 (October 13)

                                                               Fatal Denial

            “For your servant knows that I have sinned…”

            Once, during an evangelistic visitation, a brother knocked on the door of a house intending to share the gospel with the family who lived there. A young man opened the door, and our brother introduced himself.

            “Good afternoon, my name is John and I’ve come from First Baptist Church to tell you about Christ. Are you saved?”

            “Saved from what?”

            “Do you know for sure that you are going to heaven when you die?”

            “Ah, well…in reality I do not know,” answered the bewildered man.

            “Do you consider yourself to be a sinner,” asked the evangelist.

            “No, I have never sinned in my life!” replied the young man as he shut the door on our brother’s face.

            There is no bigger sinner than one who denies his own sin. This person is not only a great sinner, but he is also a fool for believing that he is sinless. Only God is sinless and perfect in all his ways and for any of us to compare to Him in this way is blasphemy. This condition is fatal because not even Jesus can save an unrepentant sinner.

            True repentance is always preceded by an acknowledgement of our sinful condition. Even after we become Christians, we must continue to confess our sins daily to the Lord.

            If David forgave the wicked Shimei, will God not forgive those who confess their sins?

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