2 Samuel 17 (October 11)


            “Ahithophel…hanged himself…”

            There are a few words that should never be part of our vocabulary. Among these are “divorce,” “murder,” and “suicide.” As children of God, we have passed from darkness to light and from death to eternal life. Consequently, we shouldn’t even think about suicide…ever!

            You may think of great men like Elijah, David, Job and other true believers who desired to die and prayed for death. My answer is simple: even though they wanted to die at some (dark) point in their lives, they never committed suicide.

            The difference is as great as day and night. The unbelievers choose the “easy” way out as they terminate the life God gave them. Today, many young people (even in the school I teach) are opening this “escape door” because they cannot endure the pressures of life. However, suicide has never been a solution to our problems; instead, it is an enormous disgrace.

            I am not belittling anyone’s suffering or pain, and I am not denying the fact that even Christians experience periods of depression and that sometimes death is on their minds. I have been gripped by fear and depression a few times in my life, even to the point of wishing I was dead.

            Nevertheless, Christians have something foreign to the world: HOPE. Our hope in Christ purifies our soul and motivates us to carry on. We will not succumb to suicide and we will not listen to the lies because Jesus conquered death through his glorious resurrection and gave us eternal LIFE.

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