I Samuel 17 (September 10)

                                                                     In his Name

            “…but I come to you in the name of the Lord…”

            Goliath the giant was truly what they call, a “freak of nature.”  He was almost as tall as two basketball players combined; and stronger than two offensive linemen from any football team.

            David, on the other hand, was a young boy and inexperienced in the art of war. There has never been a more disproportionate and one-sided fight than this. Here was a shepherd boy in front of the tallest, meanest and most evil warrior in the world.

            Interestingly, most of life’s problems present themselves to us in this way.  These problems appear to be gigantic, threatening and almost invincible.  In many instances we are invaded by feelings of inadequacy and believe that we are like small “locusts” before our “big” problems.

            We would have a reason to feel this way if we were alone in this world. We wouldn’t have any chance to defeat our enemies; for who can fight against a giant, a demon or an unexpected trial by themselves and expect to win? No one.

            The key for victory is found in the glorious name of our Lord.  When we face our problems in his NAME, we have all the power, strength and authority of God on our side.  We may be small and insignificant like David, but with God by our side we are more than conquerors—we are invincible.

            Are you facing any “giant” today? Are the problems of life dragging you down? I cannot promise you that troubles will fade away, but I am convinced that if we trust in the name of the Lord, we can face anything that comes our way and win…in His name.  

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