I Samuel 15 (September 8)

                                                    Disobedient Sacrifices

            Surely to obey is better than sacrifice…”

            This is the story of a disobedient little crab that shall remain nameless to protect his identity. This was indeed a reprobate crab, since he was not prone to listen to advice or to respond to correction. Every morning he was warned by his mother,

            “Remember not to go in the water. You still do not know how to swim!”

            The crab, being rebellious, chose to “forget” his mother’s words. Looking at the beautiful blue sea with its attractive waves, he decided to disobey her warning. To the sea he went, without stopping to consider the consequences or risks of his daring action. He was so happy in his adventure that he became convinced his mother was wrong. At that precise moment, an enormous pelican captured the crab and would have eaten him were it not for a miraculous escape.

            When the little crab returned home (late), he noticed that his mother was furious and ready to punish him for being so disobedient. Not even with an expensive gift was he able to calm her righteous indignation.

            Saul, the first king of Israel, behaved just like the little crab. He thought he could please God with gifts and sacrifices. At the same time, he disobeyed God. For this reason God began to dislike “disobedient” sacrifices and offerings.

            If we do not obey Jesus, our sacrifices and activities will not bring joy to the Lord. God seeks a submissive and obedient heart that is willing to obey Him with love. In such a believer is our Lord well pleased, for sacrifices without obedience are as satisfying to Jesus as the kiss he received from Judas.

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