1 Samuel 14 (September 7)

                                                                Under the Moon

            “… for he has worked with God today.”

            The goal of every Christian should be to walk with our God every single day of our lives.  Every morning, God waits for us to hold His hand and begin another day with Him.  Every night, God also expects our undivided attention; to examine the victories or defeats of the day.

            These nocturnal reflections are very beneficial and valuable to our souls.  At the close of each day, it is highly advantageous for our spiritual health, to open our hearts in the presence of the Almighty and allow his Spirit to purge every impurity from our hearts or minds. 

            This exam must be as thorough as possible to be effective.  We can meditate silently, or ask questions such as,

            “How many times did I sin today?”

            “Was I faithful in my walk with God?”

            “Did I do what was right in every situation?”

            “Could I have been better?”

            “Could I have done better?”

            In these and other questions we should meditate, when the moon rules in the sky. The purpose of this spiritual probe is for us to know ourselves a little bit better, in order to ascertain what our weaknesses are. Once we know the “sickness,” we can ask God for help to change or improve these areas.  God will lead us to reject that which is bad, and to repeat and improve that which is holy and good.

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