I Samuel 4 (August 28)


            The glory has departed from Israel…”

            The Hebrew word “Ichabod” mean the absence of God’s glory in Israel. Sadly, there are more than a few “Ichabods” in the history of this obstinate, yet loved people.

            The glory of God is absent in churches where sound doctrine has evaporated like the morning dew under the hot sun of heresies, liberalism and apostasy. The “Jesus” they preach is only a shadow of our Lord. Their view of God is distorted at best, and the gospel proclaimed by them has little biblical flavor.

            Just as the Ark of the Covenant was used as a magical talisman in Israel, the Bible is kept open today in some cars, houses, and even in sanctuaries with the illusory hope of attaining the victory by doing so.

            How can God bless such a spurious brand of Christianity? How can God approve of churches that preach the so-called “prosperity gospel” which is no Gospel at all? Those churches have abandoned the truth of the Bible because they love the world.

            We need to return to the basics of our faith. If we return to our first love and cleanse our hearts from sin and rebellion, God’s glory will shine brighter than ever in our congregations.

            We know that our salvation is as eternal as God, but if we persist in a life of disobedience and sin, God may take away his blessings and protection from us. Therefore, never separate yourself from the Lord; instead, draw closer to him each day and you will see his glory.

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