Judges 7 (August 6)

                                     Another Warrior        

            “With the three hundred…”

            God does not need a great number of soldiers to achieve victory. His power is so tremendous that he can accomplish extraordinary feats with just a few dedicated men and women. The Bible is filled with stories of great victories achieved by either one man (or woman), or by a small group of people.

            The Lord needed only 300 men from Israel and a godly leader (Gideon) to defeat the thousands of Midianites. Only those who drank water from their hands were chosen. This simple action indicated their alertness and readiness for combat. Are you alert and ready to fight for the Lord?

            When Dwight L Moody, the world famous evangelist heard someone challenging a group of people about what God can do with a totally dedicated man, Moody answered, “I will be that man.”

            God is calling you today to dedicate the rest of your life to him. Some of us might be overwhelmed by such an awesome thought, but there is no need to panic. The work is great and the challenge is greater, but just as an elephant can be eaten one bite at a time, so can we live for God…one day at a time.

            You will be amazed three years from now to see what God has done in and through you. But this is possible only if you make the decision to honor the Lord in all your ways and to be faithful in prayer and Bible study. You will be part of “Gideon’s army”; you will be the 301st warrior.

            Will you be another warrior in the army of the Lord?

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