Joshua 8 (July 14)

                                                        Spirit of Victory

            “Do not fear or be dismayed;”

            If you love sports like me or even if you are just a simple spectator; you may have probably noticed how athletes or teams had to overcome many obstacles in their way to the championship.

            A true champion is imbued with a “spirit of victory.”  When any team is discouraged, they have begun to descend down the slippery slope of defeat.  I have watched good teams maintain their composure even when they are down, because they know that until the game is over there is always hope, however slim, for victory.

            Christians would do well to imitate these champions.  They never give up and keep doing their best until the last second expires.  It matters not the quality of the competition, or that they are losing by many points.  The champions always find a way to come from behind and win and this makes their victories even sweeter.

            Christians have the heart of a champion, for Jesus lives in our hearts.  But somehow many believers are defeated, discouraged and depressed.  When life is harmonious and peaceful we rejoice, but at the first sight of tribulation or opposition, we surrender and stop trying.

            If you are discouraged today, God is telling you:  “Do not fear or be dismayed.”  God is in control and He will help you through.  I understand how you feel, for I have dismayed and despaired on numerous occasions.  But I have also learned that in everything God is with me and he will make a champion out of me with his Spirit of victory. 

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