Joshua 9 (July 15)

                                                                 Rambling Ramboes

            “…and did not ask direction from the Lord.”

            In some cultures the concept of “macho man” is widespread.  Many of these men are very inconsiderate with their wives and on top of that, they are very jealous.  Some of them are very “manly” and strong, and they prove their manliness by physically abusing their spouses.

            A macho man is very easy to spot.  Apart from the aforementioned characteristics, they have unique traits such as independence from family responsibility; use of profane language; and a total lack of interest for anybody, except themselves of course.

            If a macho or “Rambo” man wants to drink, go out with his friends, or commit adultery, he just proceeds ahead without consulting anyone’s opinion.  But his wife needs to ask his permission for anything, because he is the “Master.”

            There are far too many “Ramboes” among believers today.  We want to do whatever we please with our lives, or as someone have said:  “We are the masters of our own destiny.”  Accountability is not in our vocabulary and we don’t allow God or anyone else to even suggest the slightest modification to our behavior.          

            If we are ill, we go to the doctor without consulting or praying to God first.  If we plan trips, we do not include God; and when we are tempted, we do not cry to God for deliverance.  As Christians, however, we must ask God for direction and guidance for every decision.

            Rambo may have been a popular movie back in the day, but having a Rambo attitude or behavior should never be popular among Christians.

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