Deuteronomy 24 (June 26)

                                                                              Happy Homes

            “…to be happy with the wife whom he has married.”

            If the Gallup poll would ask a group of men the following question:

           “What was God’s main purpose in giving you a wife?”

            Perhaps many would respond like this:

            “To cook for me.”

            “To wash and iron my clothes.”

            “To work and help out with the finances.”

            This is the sad tale of many modern marriages.  Men and women are still getting married today, but somehow they are not prepared for a long term commitment.  The problem with this “me” generation, is that almost everyone thinks more about themselves, than their spouses.

            Is this God’s purpose for our homes?  Obviously not!  The responsibility of a husband is to be happy with his wife, and to make his wife as happy as possible.  This can only be accomplished as we think more about others, specially our spouses.  We can bring happiness to our wives as we spend more time and give more attention to them.

            Women are not “love toys”, so don’t play with their feelings.  They are not door mats to be walked over and they were never meant to be our slaves.  They were created by God to help the lonely “Adams” of the world.  Women are a priceless treasure.

            Now woman, if you are married, you are also responsible to do your best to bring happiness to your beloved.  You can do this with your love and godly example, because after all, only Jesus can fill our hearts with true happiness and eternal joy.

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