Deuteronomy 23 (June 25)

                                                                               Special Army

            “No one…shall be admitted to the assembly”

            During World War II, Adolph Hitler implemented a diabolical plan to eradicate, what he thought to be “inferior” races.  Many of these “second class” humans were either killed in the war, or in concentration camps.  Even German children, who did not meet the “Aryan standard”, were mercilessly executed.

            This was nothing new, however, for centuries before, the people of Ancient Sparta (in Greece) practiced infanticide.  Sparta was a military oriented city-state, in which every boy and girl was trained for war.  If a child was “defective”, he or she was put to death immediately.

            Something similar has been going on in China, where thousands of children are being aborted and murdered for the sake of population control.  In the United States the number of abortions has passed the fifty million mark; made up of mostly unwanted pregnancies from morally irresponsible teenagers.

            If the Spartans and Germans had such a “high” standard for their armies, the army of the Lord also has even higher requirements for those who want to enlist. Only a few chosen ones can be part of this elite army.

            Before someone can join this army, he or she must become a Christian.  After this, the prospective soldier must die to sin and the flesh, and then present himself before the COMMANDER IN CHIEF and promise total obedience.

            Jesus will ask if we have enough faith to believe him, and enough love to serve him.  God is seeking for disciples, not just believers; for soldiers, not just followers.

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