Exodus 8 (February 27)

                                                                  Only One Finger

            “This is the finger of God!”

            We are living in an era of technological explosion. Every day we hear of a new scientific discovery or technological breakthrough. In the medical field for example, we have seen how many “plagues” have been eradicated and we have witnessed new marvelous surgical procedures never thought possible before.

            Now the talk is about “genetic engineering,” cloning, in vitro fertilization and a host of many other dangerous experiments. But even science has its limits, and those who practice witchcraft healing also fall short of God’s power.

            There is only one God and only He is Omnipotent. God created the human mind, and endowed it with an enormous (although limited) creativity. Sometimes mankind has gone beyond this obvious limitation, and have tried to play the role of God; and every time they have failed miserably.

            Up to now, science has been unable to find a cure for cancer, Aids or HIV, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and many others, including (believe it or not) the common cold. So far, no doctor has been able to stop the irreversible advent of death. This demonstrates, rather convincingly, that science will never be God… not even a small “god.”

            Even the powerful magicians recognized that the “finger of God” was responsible for another “impossible” miracle. They didn’t know of course, that our God specializes and operates in the realm of the impossibilities. They did not know our God.

            And to think that He only used one “finger!”

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