Exodus 9 (February 28)

                                                                        The Great Purpose

            “…so that they may worship me.”

            In this chapter of the Bible we can observe the following facts:

  1. The struggle between good and evil.  (Moses Vs Pharaoh).
  2. The boundless power of God. (The plagues).
  3. The suffering of unbelievers. (Unrepentance).
  4. The purpose of God. (To be worshipped by his people).

             God rescued Israel from Egypt, and God saved us from hell, with only one purpose in mind:  That we worship Him.  To worship God was Adam’s main occupation.  He enjoyed God’s sweet communion every day, until that fateful day when he took a bite out of sin (Genesis 3:8).

            Have you been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb?

            If you are a Christian, then you have been created, regenerated and justified by God.  He has done all this so that we can be free to worship him.  To worship, is to ascribe honor, reverence, tribute, devotion and worth to God.

            When we worship our Lord, we are fulfilling our purpose in life.  When we praise his holy name, we are telling God that we love him so much that we are willing to do anything to please him.  Some believers attempt to serve God through various church activities, but never take time to pray and praise the Lord.  It doesn’t work this way.

            If we want to be truly useful to God, we need to worship him.  The believer, who worships God, will be able to serve Him like never before, and God will be pleased.       

            Are you a worshipper of God in spirit and truth?


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