Exodus 2 (February 21)

                                                                    Good Hearing

            “…their cry for help rose up to God.”

            Life is hard, no doubt about it.  The problems of this life sometimes reach the realm of the unbelievable.  All of us have experienced on occasion, what it seems to be an insurmountable degree of pain; we have been in dark tunnels with no end in sight; we have almost drown in a sea of sorrows, but we have survived by the grace of God.

            What shall we do then, when the water is up to our necks?  To whom shall we go when “Mr. Pain” is knocking on our door?  The answer is Jesus.  The problem is that we can’t fix most of our problems.  We need to call on God, better yet; we need to cry to God for help.

            The people of Israel were in slavery in a foreign land.  This “double trouble” proved to be too much for them.  Nevertheless they learned to do the right thing:  They elevated their prayers to “El Shaddai”, the only one able and available to save them.

            A few years ago the movie “Ghostbusters” became extremely popular and the song “Who you gonna’ call” based on this movie, reached the top of the charts.  They trusted in a group of ghost “killers”, but you and I must depend only on God.

            Who are you going to call?

            “God heard their groaning…”

            Jesus hears our prayers and he feels our pain.  He knows your circumstances and he will answer in His time and according to his sovereign pleasure.  Do not despair, keep trusting and waiting in the Lord, for he is good and he will bless us in due time.  Call on God, my brethren, call only on God. 

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