Exodus 3 (February 22)

                                                               The God Who Calls

            …God called to him…

            “Moses, Moses!” In this manner God called out to Moses from the burning bush at Horeb, the mountain of God.

            I have heard many sermons about God’s calling for our lives. He has a plan and a purpose for us, and we would do well to find it and follow it. Today, however, we will examine not the call of God, but the God who calls us.

            Have you ever wondered why God called Moses and why he calls us today? He has placed his calling in our hearts because he loves us. We were not able to reach God because there was a wall of separation called sin. Notwithstanding, God loved us and drew near to us, so close that his call came as a whisper (I Kings 19:12). He called us to be saved from sin and death, and he calls us now to serve him.

            Secondly, God calls us because he knows us intimately. He knows our gifts because he gave them to us in the first place! He knows our strengths (and weaknesses), and he puts us in the place where we can be more useful to his agenda. He knows our capabilities, and he can “read” everything that is written in our hearts. He knows us better than we can ever know ourselves!

            Finally, God calls us simply because he wants to use us for his glory. Never forget that God has millions of angels drooling for the opportunity to serve God in the ministry of the gospel. They are willing and ready to work for God twenty-four hours a day, God, however, insists on using us, weak and unstable as we are. Only God knows this mystery. Have you heard God calling you? Have you answered?

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