Genesis 18 (January 18)

                                                                 Time Alone With God

            “My lord, if I find favor with you, do not pass by your servant.”

            Every morning of our lives, we wake up to face the challenges and uncertainties of each day.  We also awake to the certainty of God’s presence in our own room.  This is a blessing, an opportunity that is ours; don’t let it pass you by.

            Time alone with God in the morning, is without a doubt, the best moment of the day.  Abraham was conscious of the importance of spending time with the Lord.  He prepared a banquet for the heavenly visitors.  Oh, what a great time he had with God!

            Is our time with God like a banquet, where we offer our best to him?  The “food and drink” that God desires, is the undivided attention and devotion of his children.  Every morning, before eating breakfast, we must take hold of Christ.  It’s easy sometimes to forget about the Lord, but he never forgets us.

            Perhaps you are not a morning person, but that is not an excuse not to spend time alone with your God later in the day. Find a time and a place and do it; you’ll be glad did!

            “Sarah shall have a son.”

            There is always an abundant overflowing of blessings when we spend time alone with God.  Our hearts are warmed by his love, and our hope is refueled by his sure promises.  The touch of God gives us also the assurance that he is still, and will always be, in control.

            How sweet it is to be alone with the Lord! We enjoy his fellowship; we feel his approval; he answers our prayers; reveals his will; and he tells us through the Holy Spirit that everything will be all right. 

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