Genesis 17 (January 17)

                                                                                               Two Circumcisions

            “Every male among you shall be circumcised.”

            What does it mean to be circumcised in the twenty first century?  To be circumcised is to reveal that which was hidden, to open that which was closed.  Circumcision is still practiced today, and it has proven to be a very healthy and sanitary practice.

            In Old Testament times, circumcision was the outward sign of the Abrahamic covenant, and it was applied to the foreskin of the male reproductive organ.  This practice was continued all the way to the time of Jesus (Luke 2:21).

            But even in the Old Testament, God made sufficiently clear, that circumcision was worthless, if it was not accompanied by a sincere commitment of the heart.  In other words, the Israelites were commanded to circumcise their foreskins and their hearts.

            This is what God demands from you, child of God!  Our minds and hearts must be open by God through the deep incision of the Word (Hebrews 4:12).  This is what the apostle meant when he exhorted the Romans to “… renew their minds…” (Romans 12:2). This daily exercise requires a conscious effort on our part, to come to God asking him to remove any sin or worldly encumbrance, and to make us holy in his sight.

            A circumcised heart, (either from a man or a woman) is a heart that is open before the Lord, nothing to hide there; there are no “closed doors.”  God is free to roam around and to dictate his will.  One may be circumcised physically and be on his way to Hell; but the circumcised heart is already in Heaven for God lives there.

            Open my heart today Lord.

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