Genesis 16 (January 16)

                                                                                                      Two Looks         

            “… she looked on me with contempt.”

            How do you look at those that surround you?

            “If looks could kill…” is an old saying that depicts the way we sometimes look at another person with hatred in our eyes.  Everyone is guilty in this regard, for we have shown our disgust or anger through our eyes on many occasions.  “But people have hurt me!”  You reply.  It’s true.  Even Hagar displayed a look of disdain for her mistress Sarai.

            How do you look at those that surround you?

            We are surrounded by evil.  We live in a post-Christian society.  It is clear then that we should expect hatred, criticism and all kinds of unjust persecution.  A Christian that expects love and appreciation from the world is hallucinating at best, and compromising his daily walk with the Lord, at the very worst.

            “You are the God who sees.”

            Was Hagar wrong in looking with evil contempt?  Of course.  Nevertheless, there was not a hint of anger in God’s eyes.  He despises our sins, but his gaze his full of grace towards his children.  In God’s eyes we are winners, because he looks at us through his Son, and everything he sees is filtered by love and compassion.

            How do you look at those that surround you?

            There are only two ways, either with worldly hatred or through divine love.  The worldly look is easy, and freely available to all.  Even Christians can learn to stare in this manner.  The divine look however, is only possible for Christians who are full of God.

            Fix your eyes on Jesus and then you will be able to look at others through Him.

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