Genesis 11 (January 11)

                                                                                                  One Language

            “Now the whole earth had one language…”

            The postdiluvian society had the “benefit” of a common language.  Everyone was able to communicate with, and understand each other. There was only one problem:  SIN. When sin enters the scene, everything else is affected. 

            This was the case with that new generation.  Oh, they were talented all right, but sin was the guiding principle of whatever they set out to accomplish.  Their goal was to build a tower reaching up to heaven.  This was Humanism at its best; the creatures were now attempting to displace their Creator.

            Today we live in a world that is marked by technological advancement.  Every day we hear about a new discovery in science, medicine, computers, etc.  This has been possible due to the creativity and ingenuity of the human race.  This human race is also responsible for bombs, missiles, drugs, and many other “discoveries.”  Technology has made it possible once again, for humanity to understand each other, through the use of satellites and translation devices.  The world is beginning to speak one language again. 

            The church of the Lord Jesus Christ must speak one language.  This language is LOVE.  If the builders of the tower were almost unstoppable (guided by sin and hatred), how much more can the church accomplish if we love God and each other.!

            The world will deduct that we are believers, not through our “Christian” bumper stickers or T-shirts.  If we talk to one another with genuine love, they will know that we are Christians (John 13:35), and perhaps they will also get to know the Christ we love.

            Do you speak the language of love?

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