Isaiah 21     (August 29)

                                 Tough Message

              “A stern vision is told to me;”

              To be a prophet of God was not an easy occupation, and was often quite disagreeable to the king, priests and to the society at large.

              Ancient, and today’s prophets (pastors, teachers, evangelists), proclaim a message that few want to listen, and they warn us about the future; however the great majority ignore their message.

              It is sad to see how people lust after astrologers, fortune-tellers, witches, psychics and other followers of the devil.  People believe in their lies with great pleasure and find delight listening to these false prophets.

              This is not what happens to many servants of God, especially to those that really preach the Word of God.  It might be true that some sermons are boring, and that some preachers could be a little bit more creative in their delivery, however “a boring” truth, is infinitely better than an amusing lie.

               Nevertheless, it does not matter how creative a prophet is, and how amiable and affectionate he is with the congregation; there will be moments when he must speak harsh but truthful words to his listeners.  I do not believe that any preacher enjoys preaching with harshness, although there can be some exceptions.  There are those that like to use the Bible as whips and speak hurtful words.  These methods are not good.

               There are other modern prophets who never preach “harshly” for fear of offending.  The true preacher speaks the truth from God, in the love of Christ.  If the harsh message, comes from God it will change our lives.  It might be harsh, but it is for our own good

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