Isaiah 20    (August 28)

                                               Modern Heroes

              “…at that time the Lord had spoken…”

              The Bible is full of great heroes (and heroines) —heroes of the faith—which lived and died for the Lord. Among them are men like Moses, Abraham, David, Elijah, Peter, John, Paul and Isaiah.

              These men and women were greatly used by God despite their many shortcomings and harsh circumstances. They were jars of clay, where God poured His Spirit of grace and power. They were useful tools in the hands of the Lord.

              God spoke to them and through them. To some He spoke face to face. To others He granted the gift of performing miracles; and still to others He revealed the future through dreams and visions.

              Many Christians are intimidated by such great heroes and renowned men of the past. We think that we can never reach their level and we see them as if they were super-believers; almost like angels in human form.

              However, Isaiah and all the other heroes of the faith were as human as you and I are today. They sinned (yet probably less than us); they felt the same passions and emotions of modern Christians

              You and I are called to be the modern heroes of the faith. The world has its heroes, “superheroes” and its “stars” and celebrities, and God has his. There were godly heroes in the biblical times and God can make heroes out of some of us, if we decide to be obedient and consecrated to his will.

              Would you like to be a modern hero of the faith?

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