Isaiah 1     (August 9)

                                                 The Lord’s School

            “…learn to do good;”

            What is easier, to be good or to be evil?

            The answer is very simple: We are all born with a sinful nature called flesh, which feeds from sin and evil. The flesh has an insatiable appetite for sensual pleasures and evil temptations. An army of invisible demons also tempts us.

            It is a thousand times easier for us to do that which is evil and wrong. The road of wickedness and sin is wide and easy to travel by. Furthermore, this road is on the way down, so there is barely any effort required—you just slip all the way down to hell.

            No one teaches a child to lie, steal, fight or curse. We are born with evil inside of us and we certainly enjoyed our sins when we lived without Christ.

            Good on the other hand, is very difficult to carry out. Children are taught and disciplined in their homes and schools, but even so they still refuse to do that which is good and when they do, they do it unwillingly and even angrily, which really is of no value at all.

            Christ in us is the only one that can help us want to do that which is good. He lived a life free from sin and evil. The Christian which desires to do what is good—which is nothing else than God’s will—must pray constantly and study His word.

            What a shame it is that men must learn to do that which is good!

            How sad it is that we all know how to sin, and no one has taught us how to be evil!

            What joy it is to know that Christ can change our sinful way of life and teach us to do what is good, and pleasing unto God! We have done so much evil in the past; it’s time to follow Christ and do that which is good and pleasing to the Lord.

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