Song of Solomon 8    (August 8)

                                               Please Hurry

            “Make haste, my beloved…”

            A young girl fell head over heels for a college student. He was a very bright medical student, who promised her that they would be married as soon as he graduated as a medical doctor.

            One month prior to his graduation, he received a letter from a very prestigious school. They were offering him a four year scholarship to become a surgeon—it was the opportunity of a lifetime!

            Once again he reiterated his promise to his fiancée. As soon as he would become a surgeon, he would return and get married to her. She was dying to tell him to stay, but opted to let him go, believing that he would fulfill his promise.

            The four years passed and the surgeon returned as he had promised. His faithful fiancée was still waiting for him, but was once again disappointed to hear that he was called to do his “internship” in the capital of the country. In a year or so, he would return for good, he said and she believed him, but this time she added,

            “Please, hurry up my love. I want you, not all the things you will buy for me!”

            Is this the desire of your heart? Most of us want to go heaven, but not just yet. Hopefully this story will make some of us think of Jesus as our Beloved Bridegroom, whom we miss and long to be with for all eternity.

            If we do not anxiously desire the return of Jesus, then we love this world more than we love our Lord Jesus and this is not a good thing. I pray that all of us learn to love Jesus more and more every day, until we become desperate to see Him face to face.

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