Song of Solomon 7    (August 7)

                                                 He will Come Soon

            “Come, my beloved…”

            The Second coming of Christ is very close, so close that at any moment the final trumpet may sound. His return to this earth is imminent. This means that Jesus can return before I finish writing this article, or before you can finish reading it.

            There are no prophecies that need to be fulfilled, although the “signs of the times” declare that we are indeed in the end times. Christ said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, hunger, earthquakes, and plagues (incurable diseases).

             Although these “signs” have always been around since the Bible began to be written, no one can deny that we live in a world that becomes darker and more evil every day. As Science grows, so does Sin; and the more “Civilized” we are, the greater the Crimes we commit. One day, however, this darkness will pass away and our hearts will be filled with joy when we see our coming King.

            “The King is coming,” says a well known hymn.

            “Your kingdom come,” says the Bible.

            “I am coming soon,” says the Lord

            And what should the Christians say?

           “Come, my beloved.”

           Do you long for Jesus Christ to come back soon? Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we do long for his coming…but not every day. On some days, we are so busy that we don’t even think about the coming of the Lord or heaven. On other days we are so happy that we might not want for Him to come, but when we are sad and lonely, we need for Jesus to come and rescue us.

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