Ecclesiastes 2    (July 26)

                                                        So Much Work

            “So I hated life…”

            Have you ever stopped to observe and to listen to what people that live without Christ do and say?

            Well, I have and I have seen the desperation in their faces. They work very hard to obtain fame and wealth; they work from sunrise to sunset, or gamble their hard earned money on the lottery.

            If Christ had not resurrected from the dead, I too would be as desperate as those who have no hope. If Jesus wouldn’t have saved me and given me a new life and purpose, I would either be a criminal or a pleasure seeking sinner. If Christ were not my Lord and Rescuer, I would have probably committed suicide a long time ago.

            Life has no meaning and makes no sense without Christ. Those that roam and saunter through this earth without hope or faith in Christ, can only find uncomfortable “comfort” in what this world has to offer.

            This is why unbelievers dance, drink and become involved in all kinds of perversions. They do not know (or they do not want to know) that in Christ there is life and hope.

           But then, why do they work so much and endure hard labor, only to amuse themselves so little? If this—according to them—is the only life there is, and there is no God and no eternal life, why spend so much time at work? It would be easier to steal, kill, and “enjoy” all the pleasures of this world.

           However, in Christ we find not only abundance of life, but also the joy of living. Our fame is to be servants of Christ, and our wealth is to be children of God.

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